since 2013              


The Group for Technological Innovation UFSJ (GRITE) was officially established in 2013 in order to encourage students and professors  for creation of an inovative environment at Universidade Federal de Sao Joao Del-Rei (UFSJ), campus Centro-Oeste (CCO). Despite its  origin, the GRITE was the first technological innovation group with foccus in Hard Sciences Entreprenership from UFSJ. The professors who are members from GRITE possesses  in its CV, softwares registered, Startups created, patents deposited or licensing projects in progress. Some of our technical staff are masters students from PROFNIT, Pos-graduation programm in technological inovation and technology transfer. The undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to create startups in hard sciences, valoryzyng the scientific entrepreneuship culture in our institution.

Our great mission is to improve the life´s quality of peoples through innovation.



 The GRITE Official home page was created by profs. Alexsandro Galdino, Daniel Bonoto, Mariana Campos da Paz and Paulo Grangeiro

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